Erickatoure Aviance + One half nelson

I say number one, it’s not a beauty contest, so you’re not coming in based on just your gowns, your interview, your all-of-this; they put us all together ‘cause we’re all very different. And then they throw challenges. You’ve seen many people that have, you know, not so much “polished looks” that have won this competition, but because they applied themselves to the moment. If not, it’s just a beauty contest. We’re not here to win off of beauty, that’s an added bonus. By no means, are they saying ”don’t be you”, at all. - Bianca del Rio
she always preaches the truth. Bianca is the voice of reason.

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On my way to Tim Burton’s house

Bianca Beauty 

Bianca Del Rio during Mardi Gras circa 2000